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Testing a dynamo and checking output

The dynamo is a robust and simple type of generator which was fitted to many earlier cars. Most modern cars are fitted with an alternator. Read more

Replacing dynamo brushes

The carbon brushes are a sliding fit in oblong holders on the dynamo endplate. Coiled springs bear against the tops of the brushes to hold them in with the commutator. Read more

Removing and refitting a dynamo pulley

The most common reason for removing a dynamo pulley is to fit it on a new dynamo — most replacement dynamos are supplied without one. Read more

Replacing starter or dynamo bearings

Make sure that you can get replacement bearings before you take on the job of replacing worn ones. They should be available from an auto-electrical store. Read more

How to fix a dynamo

Warning of a drop in generator output is sometimes given by the ignition light, which glows faintly. Read more

Cleaning and replacing a control box

On cars with dynamos, faults in the control box show up in various ways, some of which are described in Testing a dynamo and checking output. Read more


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