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A typical ignition system- Check that the leads aresecurely connected, andclean the insulation with asoft cloth. Plug gap Distributor cap Clean the tip of the rotoarm by rubbing gentlywith a fine file or emerypaper. Plug lead The ballastresistor - it maybe fixed to the coilmountings orseparately. Coil LT lead toswitch LT connection HT leadfrom coil Spring clip The vacuum-advance tubemay be a metal pipe with ascrewed union, but apush-on sleeve like this ismore usual and newer carshave plastic tubing. The HT leads may be connected to thedistributor by push-in connectorscovered by rubber seals; by a screw- insleeve; or they may be inserted from theside and fixed by screws. The most usual type of coil, with the HTconnection at one end in the centre andLT connections on either side. The HTconnector may be a push-in type with arubber seal or have a screw-in sleeve,while the LT connectors are usuallyspade type, but sometimes screws areused.

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Inspecting the ignition system

A typical ignition system. The most usual type of coil, with the HT connection at one end in the...

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