Man builds a Lamborghini Aventador by hand. In Iran.

3 August 2015
Lamborghini 1 w1400

Fancy yourself cruising the dusty highways of Iran in a Lamborghini Aventador? Don't let international sanctions, goats, or a lack of funds get in your way. A man called Reihani in the north-east of Iran managed to build his own for $50,000. He designed and manufactured the car in his own garage with bare hands, with a little help from his son.

Visually, his car is very similar to a geniune but the mechanicals are totally different. Apparently it's easier to create the bodywork and interior than it is to handbuild a real Lamborghini V12 engine. Reihani's handmade car has a old Buick V8 engine and half of the speed of Aventador's 350km/h.

The car has been named "Persian Gulf" and will be in a nationwide 16-day tour September 6-22 2015. The last destination of the tour is The Persian Gulf coast on September 21, which is the International Day of Peace marked by the UN.

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